Guide to Gallup Recycling

Cardboard Recycling Guide

Recycle Corrugated Cardboard & Packing Paper
(Corrugated cardboard has 3-layers with an inner wavy layer) 
*Must be dry
*No food or oil contaminants (no greasy pizza boxes)

Don’t include with cardboard:
 Waxed cardboard
Other paper products

 Plastic Recycling Guide 


Recycle Only Plastics #1 and #2

Plastic #1 
–                            Plastics #2
Soda bottles                                  Milk jugs
            Water bottles                         Household cleaner bottles
Salad dressing bottles                    Shampoo bottles
Mouthwash bottles                     Detergent bottles

Where to take other plastics:
Plastics #2 & #4
(shopping bags, plastic wrap around items such as paper towels)
can be recycled at your local grocery store.
Make sure it has a recycle code on the bag.

Plastics #3-#7
(Yogurt containers, plastic cups, strawberry containers,
plastic bags, frozen food/fast food trays, most prescription bottles)
at these Albuquerque Recycling Locations

Mixed Paper Recycling Guide

Mixed paper  cardboard-003

Recycle these paper products:

  • paper-all types
  • junk mail, envelopes
  • catalogs, magazines
  • newspaper, paper egg cartons
  • soft-bound books, phone books
  • grey board (cereal, cracker boxes; paper towel tubes)

Don’t include with mixed paper:
Aseptic cartons (frozen food boxes; milk, juice, soup cartons)

Metal Recycling Guide

Steel/tin cans
Aluminum cans, clean foil and pie plates (place in bag and put with tin)

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