Great News for Gallup Recycling!!

Gallup Now Recycles Grey Board

Changes in Mixed Paper recycling guidelines now allow the addition of grey board to be included with Mixed Paper; grey board includes such things as cereal boxes, six pack cartons, paper towel rolls, paper egg cartons, packaging around toys & small appliances.  

Recycle the following items with Mixed Paper:

*Junk mail, catalogs, brochures
*Paper (white, colored, shredded, computer, fax)
*Envelopes (with & without plastic windows)
*Newspaper, magazines
*Soft bound books
*Phone books
*Grey board (cereal boxes, paper towel rolls)

It includes all types of cartons except for Aseptic cartons (juice, milk, soup, broth, and ice cream containers)


Red Rock Balloon Rally Photo
Courtesy of Bruce Schuurmann